12 April 2018 Tips & Tricks Meeting

Bill James, our discussion leader
President Jo Wolf


A hearty thanks to Susan & Bill Schmidt for revising, updating and rehanging the pictures in our meeting room.  Personally thank them for their hard work next time you see them.





Some photos from our recent 2017 Christmas Party.



OETA IS ON THE AIR – with the CCOKC Computer Club answering the phones





What’s going on at The Library? Kelley Dalrymple , Associate Librarian from Belle Isle Library, gave an engaging presentation. The broad services and computer related activities now available thru the Library System let Members and Guests to know how to what to expect when they sign on. 



General Meeting 02-23-2017  – MM Sgt Robert Skalla, Police Community Relations Officer, OKCPD,  gave an informative and engaging presentation. Personal Safety at home and in public, using 911, Interacting with OKCPD most effectively, were a few of the topics.  Q and A covered many helpful situations.  We look forward to Sgt. Skalla returning.



October , 2016 – We had an impromptu birthday celebration for June, with the beautiful cake provided by Eunice Khouri. Eunice also mentioned June and the CCOKC on her radio show the following weekend.

img_4250 img_4253



North Park Mall October 21, 2016 Senior  Awareness Day

CCOKC members, Rajena Brown, Elaine Carrell and Dorothy Henson represented our Club at the annual Senior Awareness Day, sponsored by Oklahoma County Sheriff and Oklahoma County Triad. It was held at North Park Mall on 10-21-2016.  Seniors signed up for our Windows 10 Introduction Class. We look forward to seeing them in the Learning and our meetings.

no-park-mall-10-21-16-2 no-park-mall-10-21-16-4 no-park-mall-10-21-16-8


At the General Meeting held at the Club on September 22, 2016, Eunice Khouri and her son presented Medicare options and gave insight into navigating the perils of Medicare. Thanks Eunice!!

eunice01 eunice02




Computer CLub Garage Sale – deals aplenty abounded at the September computer club garage sale.


CCOKC held a fund raising Garage Sale featuring Computer related hardware,software and components.  A large supply of household and personal items rounded out the selection.  A seperate area was set aside to tell Customers about CCOKC. Brochures, Study Group Schedules were discussed and given to all interested parties by Dr. John Adair.
Thanks to the Members who helped bring all parts of assembly, helping customers and dismantling to a successful conclusion.  Many long hours were committed and very appreciated.


garage-sale-aa garage-sale-b



CCOKC is partnering with Southern Hills Baptist Church Seniors to present a Study Group on Mobile Devices 101 – Android.  Bill James prepared study materials and is Instructor.  Randy Whittal, Group Leader, Southern Hills Baptist Church, says they look forward to the next group which will be on Apple devices.   Bill James leads the monthly Mobile Devices Study Group for CCOKC Members and Guests.  Plan to join us.

shbc-study-grp shbc-study-grp-1

July 2016
COKC members Ann Knutson and Bill James were chosen to attend Googlefest 2016 at Tulsa Tech Center in Owasso, OK.
500 delegates attended. Programs were in 3 tracks–Non Profits, Education and Small Business.  The Non-profit Team at Google focused on how “You Tube” can help your Club succeed. Bill shared “Google Cardboard” a virtual reality product that lets you enjoy “VR” cheap. Check it out at Google Store.  CCOKC looks forward to being invited back next year.







Dr. Bob Blackburn, Executive Director of Oklahoma Historical Society, presented a excellent program titled “Tracks in the Sand” to a large group of Members and Guests. He told how collecting and preserving our history has been impacted by technology. Dr. Blackburn autographed two of his books that were won by attending Members. Members and Guests enjoyed visiting and sharing stories after the General Meeting, July 28,2016.


2014 CCOKC Open House Video