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  1. Thank you, Jim Allison, for introducing this organization to me.
    I look forward to learning so much!! I’ll see you this afternoon at 1:30! ~Walta

  2. I have attended several meetings and enjoyed them very much. I missed the last several months of the E-Monitor, but am back on track now.

  3. Betty Burns told me about the club and I joined but have never received any email notices, etc., from anyone. Also found out Jane Hurst is also a member.

    1. Can you attend our meetings on every Thursday from 10:00AM until Noon? I(we) invite you to attend our meetings. We are a group of mostly retired seniors who discuss in open forum any problems our computers are giving us, acutely or chronic! We learn be discussion. Most of us started coming because we wanted to learn more about our computer. Most of us keep coming back because we like what we’re receiving We sign in, provide an email address and begin receiving email notices about upcoming classes on every conceivable aspect of personal computing. We have a social hour starting at 9:00AM (coffee. soda, water, sweet snacks, conversation) followed by the regular meeting at 10:00AM. Please call our main number located elsewhere in this website or call me at 405-255-5357 or Betty or Jane. I will find out if we will meet next Thursday.

      1. Hello, John, or whoever!
        I am a senior, male, with a need for help with my laptop.
        Full disclosure:
        I am hopeful that I might get a referral to a good, honest repair place in OKC.
        May I attend a meeting for that purpose?

        Brian Kelly

  4. Betty Burns told me about the Computer Club so I joined but have NEVER received any emails, notices., etc., from the club.
    I also found out Jane Hurst, my neighbor, belongs to the club.

  5. Dear Friends:

    Since February 2014 you stopped e-mailing me our great e-monitor. I have no idea why. While in OKC I called several times.

    Please resume our publication to my mailbox, including the missing numbers.

    Best Regards


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